Success! HI-ACT features in published Government Article

Our director Professor Sara Walker was successfully published in the October edition of the Open Access Government. This prestigious digital publication provides a platform for sharing extensive insights on key public policy areas worldwide from health and social care, COVID-19, research and innovation, technology, government, environment and energy. 

As the name suggests, the Open Access Government is an open access journal ensuring anyone can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or cite the articles. Published quarterly, previous publications have included authors and contributors such as government ministers, European commissioners, members of the European Parliament, industry associations and charities. 

This particular edition, found here published on October 25th, encompasses 217 articles across 524 pages and focuses on a wide range of subjects across health innovation and technology, artificial intelligence, welfare and public policy, agriculture, energy and transport.

On page 494, link here, Professor Sara Walker uses the double page spread to set out how hydrogen may play a significant role for decarbonising the UKs energy transition. Prof Walker outlines the possible size of hydrogen demand in the UK, especially for sectors which are hard to electrify such as the energy intensive steel industry. 

Sara continues by emphasising the need for whole systems thinking and integration of energy systems, which has never been greater…cue HI-ACT! 


HI-ACT will develop forward-thinking hydrogen (and associated fuel) technology roadmaps; assess the supply chain availability and security; and quantify the opportunities, risks and dependencies of different use cases. 

We hope the article reaches new European and international audiences with the Open Access Government as it is a trusted source of information and parliament across the globe.

Reach out to us if you have read the article and would like to join us as we embark on this exciting journey or to find out more.  

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