Our Research

Our HI-ACT hub is driven by fundamental research questions co-created with stakeholders with a focus on real world challenges using whole systems-based thinking.

We will continue to showcase the UK as a world leader in a scalable hydrogen economy, through advances in knowledge, technical capabilities, planning and standards. We will also champion the benefits of collaboration, and lead in mentoring the next generation of energy research leaders.

Our Remit

We have a clear remit of work that will define

whole system planning methodologies 

distributed control in multi-vector energy systems 

circular economy business models and whole system regulation pathways 

energy resilience and security in national and international hydrogen pathways  

HI-ACT is focused on addressing the interdependent technical, environmental, social, economic, and regulatory challenges emerged from the integration of hydrogen into the energy system and other economic sectors

As such our objectives are:

  • To examine the role, and value, of hydrogen in a net-zero transition
  • To identify the contribution which hydrogen can make to energy security and resilience
  • To evaluate trade-offs between energy vectors, synergies and conflicts between local and national priorities and uncertainties in the performance and costs of current and future technologies
  • To explore the place-based contributions of hydrogen to local energy systems

The Hub structure has been designed to be adaptable and dynamic as new priorities emerge.

To support collaborative, high-quality research into hydrogen integration, HI-ACT will offer funding to researchers at universities or other institutions eligible to receive UKRI funding. This will be through use-case development and a series of Flexible Funds in the mid-later stages of the Hub’s maturity. Through this mechanism, HI-ACT will be able to support and drive forward hydrogen related research not included in HI-ACT’s original remit. Keep an eye out on the Funding page for the latest updates on further support.

Our Areas

The HI-ACT Hub

The HI-ACT Hub started its journey during a 6-month consultation phase in April – September 2022.

During this time, we:


The outcomes from this discovery phase can be found on the Consultation Learning and HI-ACT Co-Creation page.  

Who is behind HI-ACT?

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