Lower Saxony event on November 21st 2022.

Prof. David Flynn was an invited speaker to the Lower Saxony - Scotland Joint Forum. 


The Joint Forum is a two-day event organised by Leuphana University Lüneburg together with the European Centre for Advanced Studies (ECAS) and the University of Glasgow. The forum was exploring how national and regional challenges in energy sustainability and security, including factors such as workforce resilience, supply chain growth and investment,  can benefit from international collaboration. During the discussion the role of research and knowledge transfer through joint research partners were centre stage. 


Prof Flynn stated that “whilst it’s clear that Germany represents a significant export market and Scotland has a world leading position on up-scaling green hydrogen, significant advances in energy infrastructure, regulation and business models for hydrogen need to be advanced. At this time, Scotland and Germany need the right financial mechanisms, both private and public investment, to support Joint Venture Partnerships in both research and energy supply chain development. This requires solutions that have to overcome existing barriers which are direct result of the UKs ongoing negotiations with the EU.”