HI-ACT CO-I Zoya Pourmirza presents at International Clean-IT conference in Berlin

HI-ACT’s WP3 focuses on the creation of a Cyberphysical architecture, which will couple digital assets with physical networks using digital modelling techniques. This will generate new understanding of both current and future risks, and inform how Hydrogen can be integrated into the wider whole energy system.

Our WP3 colleague Zoya Pourmirza, an expert in Cyberphysical systems and cybersecurity at the University of Birmingham, spoke in the “revolutionising energy production and distribution” session at the clean-IT conference held last year in Berlin. The clean-IT Conference is an international platform for the exchange of ideas to make the digital world more sustainable. High-ranking policy and industry leaders engage in a dialogue with academia and civil society to address the pressing issue of how digital technologies can support the fight against climate change and what needs to be done to reduce the carbon footprint of digitalization.

When asked about the event, Zoya gave the following quote: “In this conference we discussed how IT systems can help future energy systems, and provided solutions and recommendations for sustainable IT systems. One key thing to remember is no single discipline can address the challenges we are facing for our smart energy systems, and we need to bring together experts from multiple disciplines to collaboratively work together to address these challenges.”

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